I’m fashionable!

I went to a fancy smancy real estate event and managed to fit in quite well with my scarf, purse and… matching husband!

Oops! I did it again! I matched other people. At this point, I think I'm setting a world-wide trend! (P.S. If you're seeing this photo twice, maybe it's because you saw it on my minimalism blog here or because I have OCD here!)


Fashion-95The hot California sun replaced my need for flowery, zigzaggy scarves with newfound groovy, gangsta-like sunglasses that go well with myself!

Fashion-50I shed my caste and then my boot, but my attire keeps on ticking, to include matching other people!

Los Angeles started to become a bit chilly so I grabbed my warm sweater, snazzy scarf, sidekick spouse and fashionista friends to make it super duper tolerable!



  1. Hahahahaha…You rock my boat…and my funny bone…! I am going shopping this afternoon..as I don’t seem to have a “scarf” to my name..and feel the need to keep up with what’s fashionable. How can I go wrong with a daughter whose fashion taste is impeccable..!!!
    I love ya darlin Happy Bird Day,


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