How I paid $92 for a cup of coffee!

Last time I wrote about my $10 coffee but I’m starting to think my cost is much higher!

Today I drove to the coffee shop to pay a pretty penny for a “simple” cup of coffee.

Step 1: Put over-priced California gas in car. Price: too much!

Step 2: Drive down congested Los Angeles highway dodging moronic maniacs. Price: 2 years off my life dealing with idiots!

Step 3: Pull into parking lot and pay $3 parking fee (on a freakin’ weekend!). Price: $3 too much!

Step 4: Enter coffee shop and stand in line waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long! Price: 2 more years off my life!

Step 5: Order coffee using my $30 travel mug I bought at Target. Price: $30 too much! (because stingy coffee shop rarely gives me travel mug discount!)

Step 6: Sit down with caustic cup of coffee: Price: 5 more years off my life (because it’s poisonous bean water)!