CA is trying to kill me!

Today I went to the grocery store thinking I’d find something for my sustenance and survival (which makes me think of CA mudslides, earthquakes, droughts… and LA more-dangerous-than-a-7-11-at-1am-in-the-hood congested roads with crazy drivers!). I meandered down the coffee aisle (because I got distracted and forgot I needed sustenance), and just as I approached the health food section (previously I was allergic to this aisle but now I embrace it because I want to live 10 years longer just to experience CA cancer-inducing sun rays!)... I found more poison than you can shake a stick at!

I’m in snail mail hell!

If I had a genie wand, I would wave it and send snail mail hell into oblivion!. I just got on the computer and evil Microsoft redirected me to MSN, which distracted me by its headline “10 Things that will soon disappear”. I couldn’t resist and clicked the bait because I have ADD and secretly hoped all the obnoxious things in the world would disappear and got super excited when I saw slide 9 about mail, but then became super despondent when I realized that only the only thing going away is the big blue mail box. There was no inkling of snail mail hell obliteration in Microsoft’s bandwidth-intensive, pile-of-poop article. Please excuse me while I go pour a pile of tears over a 4×9 inch white envelope.