Technically challenged!

We got a notice from our phone company to replace our go-phones with much more sophisticated ones that come with two million bloatware apps and a data plan that thins your wallet. Although the offer is enticing, we're holding out... because these phones are awesome!





I’m crippled!

I’m crippled and suffering terribly! Can someone please pass the latte!


I’m crippled & fashionable!

I discovered that I can be fashionable in just about any setting, to include a coke and a fast-paced scooter that helps me zoom through the hospital to the envy of all the other patients!

I found that my fashionable scarves go with my new-found boot, and crippled parking spots!









I’m fashionable!

I went to a fancy smancy real estate event and managed to fit in quite well with my scarf, purse and… matching husband!

Oops! I did it again! I matched other people. At this point, I think I'm setting a world-wide trend! (P.S. If you're seeing this photo twice, maybe it's because you saw it on my minimalism blog here or because I have OCD here!)


Fashion-95The hot California sun replaced my need for flowery, zigzaggy scarves with newfound groovy, gangsta-like sunglasses that go well with myself!

Fashion-50I shed my caste and then my boot, but my attire keeps on ticking, to include matching other people!

Los Angeles started to become a bit chilly so I grabbed my warm sweater, snazzy scarf, sidekick spouse and fashionista friends to make it super duper tolerable!