Veterans Day freebie adventure 2016!

We went on a Veterans Day freebie adventure in Los Angeles, and KICKED IT UP A NOTCH from 2015! We started off with a gluttonous breakfast, followed by a haircut by a blue-haired lady, and a 10% veterans discount on a .85 cent screwdriver... costing a whopping .75 cents! We were so excited about our deals that we headed to Hollywood for lunch overlooking the Hollywood sign, but the party really got going when our free admittance to Hollywood Madame Tussaud's brought us face to face with the stars, and some VERY CLOSE ENCOUNTERS indeed!













Competition - NOT!

This freeloader's got nothin' on us!


Minimalistic computers!

We’re so minimalistic that we have sleek, lightweight computers that even have pronouns to distinguish who’s who’s (because we’re corny like that!)

CA is trying to kill me!

Today I went to the grocery store thinking I’d find something for my sustenance and survival (which makes me think of CA mudslides, earthquakes, droughts… and LA more-dangerous-than-a-7-11-at-1am-in-the-hood congested roads with crazy drivers!). I meandered down the coffee aisle (because I got distracted and forgot I needed sustenance), and just as I approached the health food section (previously I was allergic to this aisle but now I embrace it because I want to live 10 years longer just to experience CA cancer-inducing sun rays!)... I found more poison than you can shake a stick at!

I’m in snail mail hell!

If I had a genie wand, I would wave it and send snail mail hell into oblivion!. I just got on the computer and evil Microsoft redirected me to MSN, which distracted me by its headline “10 Things that will soon disappear”. I couldn’t resist and clicked the bait because I have ADD and secretly hoped all the obnoxious things in the world would disappear and got super excited when I saw slide 9 about mail, but then became super despondent when I realized that only the only thing going away is the big blue mail box. There was no inkling of snail mail hell obliteration in Microsoft’s bandwidth-intensive, pile-of-poop article. Please excuse me while I go pour a pile of tears over a 4×9 inch white envelope.