All I wanted was a simple cup of coffee!

Today I made coffee and wondered what all those floating black things were in it after I poured it in my cup. I lifted up the coffee maker lid and saw something missing! This is what it is like to have ADD!


Veterans Day freebie adventure 2016!

We went on a Veterans Day freebie adventure in Los Angeles, and KICKED IT UP A NOTCH from 2015! We started off with a gluttonous breakfast, followed by a haircut by a blue-haired lady, and a 10% veterans discount on a .85 cent screwdriver... costing a whopping .75 cents! We were so excited about our deals that we headed to Hollywood for lunch overlooking the Hollywood sign, but the party really got going when our free admittance to Hollywood Madame Tussaud's brought us face to face with the stars, and some VERY CLOSE ENCOUNTERS indeed!













Competition - NOT!

This freeloader's got nothin' on us!


Minimalistic computers!

We’re so minimalistic that we have sleek, lightweight computers that even have pronouns to distinguish who’s who’s (because we’re corny like that!)